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BESTballers Standings
PlayerNameCity Round Total Sweet-16 TotalTournament
1dukefan9192Justin MangoldPortland, IN319.00509.002051.28
2originalloydTimothy SchmittSpanaway, WA104.00166.761761.16
3thulebobRobert SchmittAPO, NY64.00-13.161623.44
4WildcatGlennGlenn BrownsteinClarksville, IN238.00463.441566.16
5alltimeqtDiana SchmittTacoma, WA-400.00-509.00681.44
6snowmugschad eversmilwaukee, WI0.00-73.56168.96
7alextrisEd CrowderKernersville, NC0.000.0065.00
8swiftyChris RobidouxSanford, FL-400.000.0015.56

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