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texans Standings
PlayerNameCity Round Total Sweet-16 TotalTournament
1iSportsLinksScott OhmColdwater, MI-300.00-2.361573.64
2skywalkerMike GammonAuburn, ME-300.0092.121563.92
3macadam1Thomas KondashMercerville, NJ36.00331.961288.96
4bassmanJohn MikusaMarlton, NJ0.00153.00862.96
5MrInfinityJohn WrightMartinsville, VA0.0048.00852.00
6Tarheel24Daniel SchmittouWoodstock, GA100.00230.12747.60
7mmmpjMichael NeelyStaten Island, NY-300.00-527.0068.00
8fatboy1998Paul RaelOdessa, TX-300.00-100.006.04
9wakoshelly barneswaco, TX0.00-1368.00-2455.00

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